Thank you for your interest in coming to serve at The Houston Health Foundation! 

We look forward to welcoming you into our Volunteer Family.

How to Volunteer

Please take a moment and complete our Houston Health Foundation Volunteer on-line registration by going to the link listed below. 

Following submission, you will receive an e-mail with your own personalized:

  • Logon (your e-mail address) and
  • Passcode (which will be the 4 digit pin number you choose) 

You will then be able to directly access our on-line volunteer scheduler.  

Use our on-line volunteer scheduler;

  1. Modify your contact information any time
  2. See which shifts are open
  3. Schedule yourself
  4. Check your total service hours

After you register, you will receive instructions on how to do the above- mentioned activities.

Again, we very much appreciate your interest in The Houston Health Foundation and look forward to having you serve with us!

If you are interested in bringing a group or have any questions, please contact Cydney Cameron at 832-393-5960.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are some of the volunteer slots available for our programs.

see to succeed


receive and track all school forms, create name tags and labels for each student per school, prepare labeled RX cards for each student per school, print a student rooster for each school, create a daily color coded school schedule for the clinic, and welcome/greet schools upon arrival.


Data Entry

receive and track electronic school log, prepare and submit data to be dumped to IT, enter student’s information from the electronic school log submitted by each school, enter stu-dent’s results for collecting, planning, daily briefing, reports, etc.



collect completed RX cards from students listing services received, pre-pare folder for school representatives with copies of the parent letter and RX sheet for each stu-dent, verify student’s information received from registration, and submit a daily report to Planning Section.

Clinic Flow

record date and time of school arri-val time (if assigned in the bus arrival area), con-trol the traffic flow during the clinic, recognize and monitor the flow for steadiness and safety, notify Operations Chief of any concerns or prob-lems during the clinic, coordinate clinic flow be-tween all operations and clinical areas, collabo-rate with transportation unit to develop a plan during the clinic, identify and assign volunteers to location during the clinic, and develop a schedule with Operations Chief for clinic flow volunteers lunch breaks.


this area is responsible for setting up and breaking down the clinic. The logistics team will be responsible for unloading the lunches from the buses when they arrive, communicate with the drivers, and direct the buses to the des-ignated parking area, and monitor parking areas. Logistics will coordinate lunch for staff and volun-teers, and assist with cleaning duties throughout the clinic.

Student Entertainment/Lunch Area - this area is the last station of the clinic. Volunteers in this area will make sure kids are monitored at all times during lunch/entertainment activities. Vol-unteers will also provide entertainment activities for the children while they wait to depart.

Project saving smiles

Oral Health Education

ensure assigned classroom is pre-pared for the day, e.g., pencils sharpened, tables sanitized. Ensure student’s name is on the pre and post tests. Assist with crowd control during the pre and post test administration and during the class session. Provide data input of the pre and post test information. 


Answer and re-spond to radio calls for assistance. Place PSS signs, as instructed. Assist the bus driver in deter-mination of where to drop off students and where to park. Remove and refrigerate lunches from the schools upon arrival. Assemble the stu-dents and load onto bus.

Data Entry

If/when the PSS SEALS form is incomplete/signature missed, take to provider to complete the form. Complete the activity report at the end of the day and sends to the PSS Planning Chief, PSS Operations Chief, and PSS Incident Commander. Complete the activity report at the end of the mission and sends to the PSS Planning Chief, PSS Operations Chief, and PSS Incident Commander.


IIdentify box with ready-packaged envelopes specific for the arrival bus. Welcome/greet schools up-on arrival. Advise school staff/chaperones RE PSS expectations.

Close Out

ensure the school (s) assigned to the staff/volunteer are complete, e.g., child has completed screening, treatment, and education. Make copies of the PSS Results Form to send back to the school with the school nurse/representative. Ensure the school nurse/representative receives a box of goodie bags, one per student, e.g., oral health products, oral health information, access to dental care info, HDHHS brochures.