Texans Take Care Now Fund

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing floods, our friends across Texas and the globe responded swiftly with an outpouring of generous support.


We are deeply grateful for this spirit of unity and generosity. The Texans Take Now Care Fund provides an avenue to put funds to work immediately in our most vulnerable communities where the storm is turning already fragile family circumstances into devastation. This fund will channel resources quickly and efficiently to those in need.


Everyone is doing their part, but there are so many gaps.


The Texans Take Now Care Fund allows for immediate relief in the most desperate situations, while providing the capability to make quick, compassionate decisions. The fund will fill in around government funded relief efforts to cover un-reimbursable costs and to weave the benefits together in a more comprehensive way.


Join us in our efforts to support the Houston Health Department and our community partners who are addressing the direct health consequences of the storm right now.



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